The 2017 Atlantic Causal Inference Conference (ACIC) was held on May 23-25, 2017 at the University of North Carolina. The planning committee thanks all presenters for graciously sharing their work. The agenda can be found here. Abstracts for the sessions can be found here.

The planning committee gratefully acknowledges the UNC Gillings School of Public Health, the UNC Department of Biostatistics, the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute and the National Institute of Statistical Sciences for supporting this year’s conference, and Monika Caruso and Betsy Seagroves for administrative support. The planning committee extends appreciation to the volunteers Alexander Breskin, Andrew Allmon, Giehae Choi, Haidong Lu, Jennifer Lee, Nidia Rodriguez, Sabrina Zadrozny, Shaina Mitchell, and Xiaojuan Li for their help, and to The Imposteriors for providing musical entertainment after the poster reception.

Tom Ten Have winners. The winners of the 2017 Tom Ten Have Award were Colin Fogarty (MIT) and Lo-Hua Yuan (Harvard). Honorable mentions were Brian Barkley (UNC), Nima Hajazi (UC Berkeley), John W. Jackson (Harvard) and Andrew Spieker (University of Pennsylvania).

Causal Inference Data Analysis Challenge. Results for the Second Annual Causal Inference Data Analysis Challenge are still pending, and will be updated here once available. The planning committee expresses thanks to Richard Hahn, Vincent Dorie, and Jared Murray for organizing the challenge.

2018 Conference. The 2018 ACIC will be held in Pittsburgh. Details will be provided once available.

The 2017 ACIC planning committee was S Cole (UNC Epid), M Hudgens (UNC Bios), E Laber (NCSU Stat), F Li (Duke Stat), WW Loh (UNC Bios), A Volfovsky (Duke Stat) and D Westreich (UNC Epid).


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